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Originally published: 17/03/2019 21:45
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The Ultimate "Icons & Slide Recipes" Resource

600+ magic recolourable 600+ icons, & other PowerPoint recipes you never thought possible!

We all use emojis in messaging, icons in slides are just as useful. Here you have 600+ magic icons that PowerPoint treats like shapes, meaning you can completely change the colour, outline or features, plus when you resize they don't become pixelated.

The deck also features many other reusable objects such as:
1. Shapes that can make text readable over any picture
2. Cool video frames, exceptionally good to start off presentations with
3. Data visualidation templates
4. Infographic creation templates
5. A "Road map" that looks like a road
6. A magic shape that is a "type live in slideshow mode" text box, so if you take audience suggestions you don't need to exit slide show mode
7. Many speed up tips including shortcuts (like Ctrl M new slide or Ctrl Shift > to make text bigger)
8. Tips for finding the right image on google
9. A PowerPoint pro's free resource summary including free stock videos, free icons, colour scheme grenerators etc.
10. Tips on how to fix PowerPoint's most common issues.

Reuse these items at any time by copying & pasting into any presentation.

Instructions are given slide by slide but for many, just copy & paste the object(s) and reuse.

This Best Practice includes
1 PowerPoint deck with 47 slides, 662 icons, and many templates how to videos.

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The objective is to reuse objects in multiple presentations

Works with all versions of PowerPoint

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