UK - Solar PV Excel Model
Originally published: 07/09/2019 14:54
Last version published: 21/05/2020 08:33
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UK - Solar PV Excel Model

This model assesses the profitability of UK Solar Plant.

This model was built for the UK Solar Plant project to assess the project feasibility.

The model was built for 22-year timeframe but the user can easily modify the timeframe according to its needs.

The user can modify energy price and production assumptions, investment and capital structure as well as tax structure.

The model template includes 8 sheets:
- Summary with key elements of the project (costs, energy output, yield, IRR ...)
- Inputs, where the users can easily modify every assumption and the model, will automatically be recalculated based on the new assumptions. We also have created Sizing tariff to change the tariff price based on the target shareholder IRR.
- Inputs monthly and inputs annual were created to implement the construction profile and market price profile for the model.
- Time is made by the flag to automatically change the user timeframe for the whole model.
- Output SA is the main component of the module where all the calculation were made including production assessment, income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, free cash flow analysis, and debt schedule.
- Finally, PV Syst Data process and PV Syst simulations were created to enable the user to directly copy-paste PV Syst simulation on the model and recalculate the whole model.

This Best Practice includes
This document contains one excel spreadsheet file.

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Further information

-Assess solar PV investment based on the user assumptions

This model applies to UK Solar PV projects.

This model was used for many projects including solar PV projects on other countries than the UK. Necessary adjustments can be made to accomplish those results, if you need more sophisticated models, you can contact us and we will provide you a quote.

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