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How to Make a BCG Matrix in Excel

Teaching you step-by-step how to create a BCG Matrix in Excel using a screen-sharing method.

This video will teach you start to finish, step by step, how to create your BCG Matrix in Excel.

To start with you need some data. In this case, data has been made up for a hypothetical retailer which has 3 divisions. What's needed is their market share, their largest competitor's market share, the growth rate for each of the markets, and overall revenue. So in this case, as an example, the supermarket chain has 30% market share; it's the market leader. The next largest competitor is behind; it has 20% market share,. There is 5% growth in supermarkets across the industry, and other largest revenue in billions is worth 20 billion dollars in revenue. Relative market share must be calculated which is fairly straightforward.

Relative Market Share, Market Growth, and Firm's revenue are the 3 sections used to create the BCG Matrix.

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