Private Members Club - Dynamic 10 Year Financial Model
Originally published: 15/10/2021 07:45
Last version published: 20/11/2023 10:53
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Private Members Club - Dynamic 10 Year Financial Model

Financial Model providing a dynamic 10-year financial forecast for a Private Members Club.

User-friendly Financial Model providing an advanced dynamic 10-year financial plan for a startup Members Club. Suitable for any type of membership-based club (country clubs, golf clubs, etc.), the model is a flexible tool for club owners to calculate financial and operational activities, manage payroll, operating expenses, capital expenditures, and calculate business profitability.

The model provides users the option to choose whether the club is developed, purchased, or leased and includes assumptions and calculations of  Revenue from Annual Memberships (split into Monthly and Annual Payment Plans), Ancillary Revenue Sources (Restaurant, Events), Club & HQ Payroll, Cost of Sales & Operating Expenses, Fixed Assets & Depreciation, Financing through Debt & Equity and Exit Valuation assumptions in case of a potential sale of the business.

The structure of the template follows Financial Modeling Best Practices principles, is fully customizable and has a dynamic functionality allowing users to select the desired forecasted Years (1 to 10). 

Model Inputs and Setup Reports:• General Setup Assumptions, incl. Starting Expenses (in case the business is a startup), Operating Metrics, Club Ownership method (Development, Purchase, or Lease), Sources of Revenue & Cost of Sales Assumptions, and Financing (Debt & Equity)
• Payroll, OpEx, and Annual Capex, incl. Depreciation Schedule
• Comps Analysis & WACC calculation ( the Premium Version)
• Forecast Scenarios

Output Reports:
• Monthly Budget and Actual Reports
• Budget Summary per Year
• Budget vs. Actual Variance Analysis at a YTD and Monthly level
• Annual Financial Statements (3 Statement model)
• Direct Cash Flow
• Break-Even Analysis
• KPIs & Financial Ratios, including several Profitability, Efficiency, Liquidity, and Leverage (Solvency) Ratios
• Performance Dashboard
• Business Valuation, including DCF Model, Return Metrics (NPV, EV, IRR, MOIC, ROI, etc.), and Sensitivity Analysis
• Investors Returns Waterfall Model
• Professional Executive Summary

Detailed instructions on the use of the model are included in the Excel file.

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Provides advanced financial planning & analysis for any type of membership-based club.

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