Consulting Firm Financial Model
Originally published: 01/09/2021 08:00
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Consulting Firm Financial Model

Financial Model Consulting Service Firm Monthly Projection - Feasibility Template

Financial Model - Monthly Projection - Consulting and Audit Firm

1) Income Statement:

Comprises of Revenue, Direct cost, Staff cost, General and Admin expenses, Finance Cost, Depreciation and amortization cost, Taxation, etc

2) Financial Position

Comprises of PPE, Current Assets, Cash Movement, Share Capital, Retained Earnings, Reverses, Current Liabilities, Non-Current liabilities )

3) Cash Flow Statement

Comprises of Net Cash Flow of Operating Activities, Net Cash Flow of Investing Activities, and Net Cash Flow of Financing Activities.

4) Partners Account

Comprises of Total number of Partners, Partners contribution, and timeline.

5) Fixed Asset Schedules.

Comprises of detailed asset and depreciation schedule. asset wise schedule, which reflects opening balances, additions, disposals, and closing

6) Equity Statement:

Comprises of Opening balance, additional contribution, and closing balance of equity.

7) Assumption Sheet:

A separate sheet is included for all assumptions related to Income Statement, Financial Position, and Cash Flow statement.

8) Schedules (Calculation Engine):

Comprises of a detailed working schedule is part of the model. All breakdowns of calculations and prices are included.

The financial model is based on hypothetical assumptions and can be changed based on real scenarios.

Model is Robust, Flexible, and Easy to change. - In case need any assistance, you can contact me through private messages.

This Best Practice includes
Financial Model - Consulting and Audit Firm - Feasibility Template

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