Labour Cost Calculation Excel Template
  • Labour Cost Calculation Excel Template
Originally published: 02/02/2018 15:07
Publication number: ELQ-54719-1
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Labour Cost Calculation Excel Template

Sample Labour Cost Calculator in Excel. Created for catering but can be adapted for use.

This is a spreadsheet in excel to calculate your total cost of labour. It's a template and so can be tailored for your needs. It can be used in two ways to raise awareness of your true labour costs and to improve your profitability:

1. Enter total hours worked and what each team member is paid hourly. Put this against the total revenue for the week for actual labour cost percentage.

2. Enter total hours worked for an individual event or function against total revenues from all of the F&B dpts to provide an individual labour cost percentage. From this you can work out the profitability of each individual event that was held.

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