Management Consulting Presentation Templates (Full Version)

You will find here a number of most useful slides (20 different types) used during consulting projects.

Original Best Practice:  Management Consulting Presentations Template (Selected Slides)  by Asen Gyczew

During management consulting projects your end-product, deliverables is usually a presentation that summarizes all your suggestions, advices, strategies etc. A typical consulting presentation can have even 200-400 slides and will be accompanied by plenty of analyses in Excel, manuals and in some cases additional tools. Consultants over decades learnt how to talk through slides and have come up with some standards that help them create professional presentations fast and efficiently.

Thanks to those slides you don’t have to create everything from a scratch. You can simply use things that already work and adjust them to your needs.

In this file you will find 20 most useful types of slides that are very useful if you want to create a great consulting presentation. I will show you different options for the following different types of slides: process slides, comparison of 2 data sets, comparison of 2 things using text, comparison of 2-3 criteria, project structure, team / project roles, timeline, agenda, summary slides, grouping knowledge slides, composition slides, waterfall slides, team members slides, maps, references, motivation system slides, issue tree slides, business model slides, OEE slides, showing options etc.

Those templates will be very useful to build proposal of a project, kick-off presentation, summary of conclusions and many, many more.

Enjoy the presentation and if you have any questions or request please let me know.

This Best Practice includes
1 Power Point presentation - around 100 slides, 1 pdf version of those slides

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