Meal Planner Spreadsheet
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Meal Planner Spreadsheet

The main purpose of this Meal Planner is to help people plan their nutrition.

Hey Trainer!

Early sessions, 5-8 coffees per day… Can I cure all your pains? - No. Can I help some of them? - Yes, and let me tell you how.

Having built planners for fitness facilities, I know what is a really user-friendly spreadsheet.

Isn’t meal planning a hidden time killer in your 15h working day? If you don’t mind planning meals TIMES FASTER and WAY BETTER, read on.

Meal Planner designed for Fitness Trainers. Preview:
BMI & Nutrition Targets calculator
Food database (>1,800 items)
Add foods and recipes
7-day meal plan
Automated shopping list
Use for the unlimited number of clients

⭐ “OMG!!!! This Meal Planner does everything I couldn’t get from ANY app. Now I make meal plans 4X faster - TOP PRODUCT!!” - Jeff, a certified personal trainer.

A bit about the author. I’m Serhii Kovchenko, an Excel and Google Sheets expert who created/designed/automated training and nutrition spreadsheets for dozens of personal trainers and fitness facilities.

⏱️ Slap ‘Order’ button to get the Meal Planner within 24h. Other trainers are saving their time with it right now!

Have any questions? - Check the FAQ below or hit me up with a message.

Cheers, Serhii

This Best Practice includes
1 "Meal Planner" Google Sheet

Acquire nonprofit license for $15.00

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Further information

1. What exactly I will receive after ordering this Best Practice?
You will get the link to your own Meal Planner Google Sheet. Then, you can copy it as many times as you need. How to make a copy of a Google Sheet:

2. What is the main purpose of the Meal Planner?
The main purpose of the Meal Planner is to help people plan their nutrition. If you are a trainer, you can use the Meal Planner with your trainees. Of course, the Meal Planner is great for personal use as well :)

3. Do you provide instructions for the Meal Planner?
Yes! It has clear animated instructions on the first page. Preview:

4. Can I use the Meal Planner for my clients?
Yes, absolutely. You can create a separate copy for each client. How to make a copy of a Google Sheet:
How to share a Google Sheet:

5. Do my clients need a Google account to use the Meal Planner?
No, they don't need a Google account. They will be able to view/edit it even without a Google account.

6. Is the Meal Planner good for personal use?
Sure thing, you can perfectly use it for yourself.

7. How do I open the Meal Planner on my phone?
Install Google Sheets app, log in into your Google Account, and open the Meal Planner there. But keep in mind that it looks best on a desktop or a tablet.

8. Does the Meal Planner have both Metric & Imperial units?
Yes, you can switch between Metric & Imperial units.

9. Is the Meal Planner good for both men and women?
Yes, it’s perfectly suited for both men and women.

10. Is the Meal Planner printable?
Yes, you can print any part of the Meal Planner:

You can use the Meal Planner perfectly for your clients and yourself.

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