Event Table Allocator
Originally published: 08/03/2020 18:51
Last version published: 06/04/2020 07:34
Publication number: ELQ-10312-3
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Event Table Allocator

Tool to support table allocation for the event organizers.

In the modern work environment to benefit the most from the events (Christmas Dinner, team-building sessions, client conferences), organizers are aiming to diversify people at the tables either by gender, department, position or other parameter. Diversity at the table improves interconnection between different teams and tend to provoke more efficient discussions. This VBA tool helps to achieve it in a few seconds. By adjusting inputs and pressing the buttons to start the macros, user can allocate people between unlimited amount of tables, establishing and following your own unique rules. In particular this tool is beneficial to a large corporation but can be used for the events from 10 people. It is not limited to certain departments at the company and can be beneficial to any event organizers.

Following the best modelling and programming practices, this tool provides flexibility in the selection of factors, number of people to allocate and sizes of the tables. To make the file more user-friendly, the following features were used: data validation, conditional formatting and userforms. It includes the formatting instructions and help button to describe each code in detail.

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