Real Estate - Hotel/Resort Development Excel Model Template
Originally published: 16/03/2019 15:54
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Real Estate - Hotel/Resort Development Excel Model Template

Complete financial model for financing, building, operating, refinancing, and selling hotel/resort property types.

This financial model can be used to evaluate real estate investment opportunities such as hotels, resorts, and other short-term tenancy building types. Its flexibility allows it to analyze investments of any size, and its functionality supports a wide variety of investment scenarios including different capital structures and guest amenities. Developed by a real estate professional with many years of experience, this financial model comes with a comprehensive set of instructions to maximize its usefulness and contribution in your property analysis.

Starting with the Assumptions sheet, you will fill out a set of inputs upon which the model will calculate the property's future financial performance, including financing, development, operations, optional refinancing, and eventual sale. From there, the model will consolidate in the Executive Summary sheet, where an concise and easily understandable overall view of the property's investment potential can be seen. Additionally, the Sensitivity sheet will analyze and compare different investment outcomes based on different scenarios and assumptions; this allows you as an investor to hedge against risks or uncertain property characteristics.

This financial model is ideal for evaluating real estate properties and displaying their financial viability, which will support you as an investor in making quality investment decisions.

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To help investors make quality investment decisions.

Works best for various types of real estate development opportunities such as hotels and resorts.

Does not work well for non-real estate businesses.

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