Solar Farm Development Excel Model Template
Originally published: 22/01/2019 14:21
Last version published: 21/06/2021 14:44
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Solar Farm Development Excel Model Template

Complete financial model for financing, building, operating, and selling solar farms.

This financial model can be used to evaluate solar farm development investment opportunities. Its flexibility allows it to analyze investments of any size, and its functionality supports a wide variety of investment scenarios including different capital structures, project timelines, and financial/operating models. Developed by a private equity professional with many years of experience, this financial model comes with a comprehensive set of instructions to maximize its usefulness and contribution in your investment analysis.

Starting with the Assumptions sheet, you will fill out a set of inputs upon which the model will run. The Model sheet will then use these inputs and calculate the solar farm's future financial performance, including pre-construction, construction, operations, and eventual sale. From there, the resulting financial data will be consolidated in the Executive Summary sheet, where an concise and easily understandable overall view of the solar farm's investment potential can be seen. Additionally, the Sensitivity sheet will analyze and compare different investment outcomes based on different scenarios and assumptions; this allows you as an investor to hedge against risks or uncertain characteristics of the solar farm development project.

This financial model is ideal for evaluating solar farm development projects and displaying their financial viability, which will support you as an investor in making quality investment decisions.

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Further information

To help investors make quality investment decisions.

Works best for solar farm development projects.

Does not work well for non-solar farm businesses.


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  • Brent Cameron
    This project looks awesome.
    How many acres was this projected based on?
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    • DW Financial Services
      Hi Brent - this model has an input for total land size (inputted as square meters). This can be found on the Assumptions tab. In the cell directly below this, the model calculates the total acreage, and in this way you can easily know how many acres your project is.
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    • Ibrahim Daas
      Great Model .. is this model about :

      1- photovoltaic method
      concentrated solar power method ?
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    • Irfan Fauzie
      Does the model include the investment for batterry as well? Does it work for small solar project for rooftop PV?
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      • DW Financial Services
        Hi Irfan, thanks for your question! The model does not include any battery-specific aspects. Although this model could work for a small rooftop project, in general it is not meant for that - it was built with large scale energy infrastructure in mind.
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      • Kirkland Allen,  CPA
        Hi. Does the model have pre-filled details for cost/revenue or will user have to perform research separately? Also does the model account for tax incentives?
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        • DW Financial Services
          Hi Kirkland, the model does have pre-filled details for cost/revenue as an example, but I would encourage you to do research separately to ensure that the inputs are accurate and tailored to your specific solar project. For tax incentives, there are no specific line items for that input, however one potential solution is that you could instead assume lower development costs.
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        • Tome Ongalo
          The model looks great.
          The debt calculations does it cater for sculpting option?
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          • DW Financial Services
            Hi Tome - thank you for your question!

            The debt structure begins as an interest-only construction loan, so no principal payments are made during this time. There is an interest reserves functionality, where a pool of capital is set aside in order to service these interest payments (during the period of time where construction is still undergoing, so there is no operating income to service the interest).

            Once the solar farm is up and running, the construction loan's principal is paid off, and then any proceeds after that are returned to investors.
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