Three Reasons Why Customer Connection Matters.
Originally published: 07/04/2022 12:05
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Three Reasons Why Customer Connection Matters.

Whether you’re a B2C or a B2B company, I'll give you Three Reasons Why Customer Connection Matters.

Companies hear quite a lot about knowing their customers and becoming more customer centric. And for good reason.

I’ll tell you why with this example: I worked with a client whose wild success came easily for years. Revenue only grew. So, they focused on themselves and what was good for them.

Then their fortunes changed. First revenue stalled, then dropped. Their steady decline showed no signs of stopping.

Some believed that the trend would correct itself. Having been so profitable for so long, they thought they could ride it out. I quantified the losses. They weren’t sustainable.

I began working with them and introducing customer understanding. I created understanding about customers’ interests, needs & behavior.

I directed my client to connect with their customers, to engage them, to serve them.

From the first, modest efforts, revenue returned. And their revenue continued to grow predictably as my client made customer connection the foundation of their business.

Whether you’re a B2C or a B2B company, when you connect with your customers, opportunities open.

I hope that I’ve piqued your curiosity with this example of why customer connection matters. I’ll give you an additional “Three Reasons Why Customer Connection Matters” in this document.

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