Due Diligence Template
Originally published: 13/11/2017 16:46
Last version published: 17/01/2018 11:24
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Due Diligence Template

A template to use for putting together a due diligence report.

As well as providing a template for a due diligence report, this document also suggests some questions that you might like to raise, and things you may want to enquire. The questions suggested are not meant to be comprehensive, and a lot of them don't apply to certain companies.

Due to the huge variation of business models etc, there will never be able to be a full and universal 'checklist' or sorts. This template is more to be used as a guide to help you cover all of the main areas, and to create a starting point for your own question list. As you gather the answers, you will be able to identify some areas that require further investigation. Aside from this, it will be useful for EBAN (at least) to improve consistency when it comes to due diligence and comparing various investments.

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