Residential Property Investment Excel Model
Originally published: 28/05/2018 09:58
Last version published: 12/06/2018 11:10
Publication number: ELQ-23400-7
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Residential Property Investment Excel Model

User friendly generic professional residential property model. Includes cash flow and financial statements.

This model has been designed to be user friendly and can give you an idea of your required cash flows require and possible returns. It has been designed for both amateurs , semi-professionals and professionals alike.

It can also incorporate your income tax, capital gains tax, wear and tear, depreciation if you wish to add it.

For those wanting to track their investments, there is a financial statements tab that allows you to substitute projections for actual values.

- Shaun Barker

This Best Practice includes
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Further information

To give investors a better idea of the returns for their residential property investments.

It is a generic model designed to cover most residential properties, so it should cover most scenarios you may realistically have.
Best used for single residential properties.

Any tax system where there is not one flat tax rate (eg Progressive/Regressive, rebates etc).
Where you will want to pay your property off earlier or refinance.

Any situation where there would be once off cash flows occurring during the life of the investment

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