HSE Budgeting Tool
Originally published: 14/09/2020 08:29
Last version published: 26/08/2021 08:07
Publication number: ELQ-60951-5
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HSE Budgeting Tool

A turnkey template for planning and setting HSE budget and tracking daily HSE expenditures

Do you need a template to manage your health, safety and environment related expenditure and budgeting to drive your HSE activities? Are you an HSE Manager in charge of planning for budgetary allocation for your department? Then try this!

HSE Budgeting Tool is a turnkey template for planning and setting HSE budget and tracking daily HSE expenditures to ensure that HSE priorities and activities are within budgeted cost and in sync with the overall corporate HSE strategy.

The template has these features;

The Approved list is for users to provide a list of HSE Priorities relating to various aspect of their management system and the general HSE focus areas. Users can also set the type of budget and categories in terms of health, safety and environment and the levels of priorities in terms of high, medium and low. The approved list predefined the data to be entered on the budget planning templates and the source data sheet.

The Budget Planning sheet is for planning HSE budget in accordance to organization’s HSE priorities and focus areas. Users can set their budget and choose type of budget either capital, operating or project budget, set level of priority, budgeted quantity, budgeted price to estimate budgeted cost and the expected purpose, benefit or goal. The data serves as input for tracking purposes on the source data sheet.

The Source Data sheet is the main working sheet after planning the budget. This is the daily HSE expenditure tracker where users track every expenditure related to HSE. The sheet is designed to automatically populate by just select the priority. Users can provide detailed description of the expenditure and must complete the quantity purchased and actual cost incurred. This will automatically and conditionally indicate green as within budget, yellow as on budget and red as exceeded budget.

The Dashboard features total HSE budget, total expenditure and budget surplus or deficit. The dashboard also features line charts to show monthly HSE expenditure trend, column chart for monthly HSE expenditure, status of HSE budget and then budgeted vs actual expenditure, all connected to a slicer for easy selection and deep dive according to focus areas.

The Various Reports relate to HSE expenditure trend, monthly expenditure, status of budget and list of budget priorities for user’s perusal e.g. sending as report to top management.

This is a Microsoft excel file hence no installation is required and can run on both Windows and Mac with Microsoft Excel 2013 (+ Later Versions)

This Best Practice includes
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A turnkey template for planning and setting HSE budget and tracking daily HSE expenditures


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