Social media networks valuation analysis
Originally published: 25/11/2020 15:59
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Social media networks valuation analysis

LinkedIn Case Study

This study includes the financial evaluation of social media networks, as this type of business is considered the most profitable, for example Facebook and LinkedIn.
From this Sheets, you will learn how to create full-blown equity, valuation model for professional networking company the model builds the financial statements to find equity value from revenue and cost drivers to financial data and valuation analysis .

Its Included.
-Sales schedule
- Cost schedule
-Balance sheet
-Income statement
-Cash flow
-Over draft
- Stockholder
-Dupont Analysis
This model is very useful for advanced financial modelers who are looking to perform financial modeling and valuation using real-world company like LinkedIn which has a more complex business structure and operates in different business segments.
This LinkedIn Case Study - Advanced Business Valuation Model is built to value LinkedIn businesses and determine its target share price.
Create a 10-year forecast for LinkedIn business, including the three financial statements, supporting schedules, and free cash flow to the firm (FCFF).

Look at LinkedIn -specific line items such as segmented revenue, stock-based compensation, and capital leases.

Use LinkedIn financial statements to build a historical 3-statement mode

Raw data and historical analysis, Quarterly data and LTM data.

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