• How To Write A Business Plan
  • How To Write A Business Plan
  • How To Write A Business Plan
Originally published: 15/03/2018 15:06
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How To Write A Business Plan

This video will demonstrate how to create a detailed business plan for your startup.

All successful startup business require thorough planning, no matter how strong their product or idea is. In this video, Ian Gordon demonstrates how you can create a robust and detailed plan for your startup venture. This video will succinctly outline all the different aspects that are required in a business plan.

This planning phase is absolutely essential to any business venture. Ian highlights the fact that according to the US Department of Commerce, only half of new businesses survive for 5 years. As such, Ian demonstrates just how fundamental it is, that you create a sustainable and detailed business plan for your venture. This video attempts to show you how your business can be part of the 50% that survive, by showing how you should construct a structured business plan.

This video highlights just how important the business plan is to any business venture, even more so than the original business idea.

Ian outlines several different reasons why you need to write a business plan for your venture. These three reasons are:

- For Yourself!
- To Attract Partners
- To Attract Investors

As such, Ian demonstrates just how essential it is that any new business has a detailed plan to follow.

He then highlights the key aspects that are required in order to construct a business plan. They are:

- Market Analysis
- Strategy Implementation Details
- A Financial Plan

These are the fundamental basics to any business plan and Ian demonstrates how and why these processes need to be completed.

The key elements of a complete business plan are also outlined and explained:

- Executive Summary
- Company Summary
- Products and or Services
- Market Analysis
- Strategy & Implementation Plan
- Management
- Financial Plan
- Appendix

All of these things together will help to construct a complete, detailed business plan. This video will be of great help to anyone interested in a new business venture. Business planning is absolutely crucial to the success or failure of any business, and this is a great tool to show you how to do it.

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