Business Continuity Presentation

The Business Continuity Planning (BCP) template addresses the preservation and recovery of the business in the event of outages to normal business operations.

Presenting this set of slides with name - Business Continuity Plan Power point Presentation Slides. A business continuity plan (BCP) is a process that outlines the potential impact of disaster situations to business operations. It creates policies that respond to various situations to ensure a business is able to recover quickly after a crisis. The main goal of a BCP is to protect people, property and assets.

Infographic Powerpoint template -25 slides.

The content of the slide is given below.
Slide 1.
Slide 2.
Business Continuity Management
Slide 3.
Development of BCM
Slide 3.
Potential Business Threats - Part 1
Slide 4.
Potential Business Threats - Part 2
Slide 5.
Steps to Business Continuity
Slide 6.
Business Continuity Cycle
Slide 7.
PDCA to Business Continuity Mgmt.
Slide 8.
Business Continuity Mgmt. Cycle
Slide 9.
BCM asa Component of Resilience Management
Slide 10.
Six Phases of Business Continuity Cycle
Slide 11.
Business Continuity Planning
Slide 12.
Business Impact Analysis Steps
Slide 13.
Risk Analysis Steps
Slide 14.
Risk Assessment Matrix - Example
Slide 15.
Phases of Recovery Plan
Slide 16.
Recovery Team
Slide 17.
Recovery Procedure
Slide 18.
Business Continuity Plan Checklist
Slide 19.
Business Impact Analysis Template
Slide 20.
Business Continuity Maturity Model
Slide 21.
Business Recovery Checklist
Slide 22.
Strategic BCM Framework
Slide 23.
Risk Distribution Dashboard by Business Process
Slide 24.
Business Continuity Roadmap
Slide 25.
BCP Builder’s Resilience Framework

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