Debt Rating Costs Schedule - Excel Model Template
Originally published: 26/06/2019 14:34
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Debt Rating Costs Schedule - Excel Model Template

This is an Excel template of a Debt Rating Costs Schedule

This tool allows you to generate a schedule that compares debt ratings of multiple companies and later translates them into costs.

Credit rating is an essential element for potential investors to study the debt securities of a given company, such as the bonds. Credit rating agency such as Moody's, Standard & Poor's usually accredit these by providing corresponding letters (e.g. AAA, B C) that characterise the bonds in terms of their quality.

The model consists of an Excel table with multiple tabs including:
- Costs of Debt;
- Unlevering Betas;
- Stock;
- Stock Rating;
- Comp 1, 2, 3, 4, Rating;
- a Raw Data table.

Finally, in this model, you can also find additional Financial Models such as:
- Forecast Drivers,
- Balance Sheet,
- Income Statement,
- Statement of Cash Flows,
- FCF Statement,
- APV Valuation,
- Sensitivity Table,
- Responsibility Check,
- Retained Earnings Schedule,
- Revenue Sensitivity,
- Fixed Asset Schedule,
- Income Taxes,
- Regional Data for Income Taxes.

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