3-way Banking Financial Model converted into an App
Originally published: 07/10/2016 11:25
Last version published: 05/05/2019 07:56
Publication number: ELQ-62835-6
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3-way Banking Financial Model converted into an App

Demonstration tool of a 3-way banking financial model converted into an interactive visualisation App

This model and associated tool was presented to the Modeloff Global Training Camp (GTC) in Sydney 2016.

This is effectively the world's first platform that enables the development of an App with no coding and only Excel and Powerpoint.

By using Modeler one is able to convert any Excel file combined with any Powerpoint slide to create an interactive visualisation surface that enables the user to zoom in and out of content and dynamically change the assumptions in the model.

With Modeler one is able to amend the assumptions and see the outcomes of multiple scenarios without amending the Excel file directly.

This allows others (not just the modeler) to use it to make a decision in a much more user friendly interface.

Models can be complex and often rely on the modeler to operate as many people are scared to break the model.

By using Modeler the key assumptions can be changed without impacting the potential integrity of the model.

The Modeler tool along with the underlying model was demonstrated at the Modeloff Global Training Camp in Sydney. Images now included showing different banking divisions demonstrated in the tool and included in the Excel model.

Attached are the slides from the workshop, the assumption book and the completed model.

You can view a live video demonstration of the tool in the video attached.

For more information on how this might be applicable to you or if you want to know how you can convert your model into an App contact myself or visit www.modeler.com.

You can now download a free 60 day trial of Modeler at the following link:


Once downloaded you will be able to use all the 3 attached files (Excel, PowerPoint & Modeler) to interact with the model realtime.

Simply save the 3 files into a folder and open the Modeler file (do not open Excel of Powerpoint). Modeler will then open up Excel and Powerpoint for you automatically.

Make sure you have a good graphics card and good memory to run Modeler.

It will tranform your financial model into an interactive app that can be used dynamically, visually, without showing the "engine" - Excel.

This Best Practice includes
1. Assumptions, 2. Workshop overview, 3. Excel Financial Model Solution 4. Modeler file 5. Powerpoint 6. PDF export

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Further information

To show how it is possible to transform even the most complex of models (this being of an entire bank) including dynamic simulations of mark to market valuation adjustments in the trading book, deposits, lending, funds management etc into a simple app.

When needing to convince key stakeholders who are not necessarily as close to the detail or as technical as the modeler but are nonetheless a key stakeholder to influence. Influencing someone who does not have a technical background is not always easy on a topic that is often fairly technical and detailed and things are not always as simple as they appear.

Now the tool can help transform what would be a static powerpoint presentation into a dynamic conversation.

Large data visualisations or slicing and dicing data similar to Power BI, Pivot tables, Tableau and the like. The visualisations are there to enable a dynamic editiing of underlying assumptions and extraction, its both ways therefore any form of 1-way large data flow is not applicable or useful.

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