JavaScript Basics - The Complete JavaScript Course For Beginners
Originally published: 12/03/2018 13:54
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JavaScript Basics - The Complete JavaScript Course For Beginners

Learn everything you need to know about JavaScript in this informative and easy-to-follow video tutorial.

JavaScript is like a language - it has its own grammar. Another word we can call it is syntax, the syntax is JavaScript's command, words and punctuation. Like learning any new language, JavaScript is difficult to learn at first, but after plenty of practice, it will soon become clear. At first, nothing makes sense, but eventually you have no problems working with JavaScript. It just takes time. Keep in mind that every programming language has its own syntax, just like the English language.

Throughout this course, Robin will be covering many programming concepts that are related to JavaScript and many other online languages. You will be learning about many different terms such as strings, variables, statements, HTML plus much more. These concepts can then be applied to other programming languages, making this course an excellent solution to anyone that is just getting started with web development.

By the end of this course, Robin can have you talking as a seasoned programmer as everything you need to know is covered in this hour-long video. You will also learn the best practices and proven ways to make your programs perform the best they can.

Video length: 1 hour

By Robin Haney (Your Instructor)

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