Extreme project management: an introductory guide for beginners
Originally published: 06/07/2020 13:43
Last version published: 07/07/2020 12:36
Publication number: ELQ-53881-2
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Extreme project management: an introductory guide for beginners

An introductory 7-step guide to Extreme Project management including examples of projects that can be managed by XPM.

There are many project management methods currently available including Six Sigma, Waterfall etc. However, there is only one project management method that approaches project complexity with a flexible project structure. Extreme project management is a project management method for projects with a certain level of complexity that requires a specific type of XPM method. Extreme project management is designed to manage under uncertainties for example in projects where the clients regularly changes their decision.

This Best Practice provides a 7-step guide for beginners on how to manage extreme projects with definitions, examples of extreme projects and an explanation to 'How does it work?'.By understanding the basic rules of XPM this best practice outlines 7 steps to be successful with an extreme project. This firstly required a flexible, determined team that is willing to commit to the 7 recommended steps. A team that is able to work in an unpredictable environment with excellent communication skills and ability to built a rapport with the client. The 7 steps include planning, questioning, organization, project meetings including the most important launch meeting, client communication and lastly celebrating successes.

The Extreme project management method shows how projects need to be adapted to the reality rather than vice versa.

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