Change Management Process - Discovery Questionnaire
Originally published: 28/04/2020 08:40
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Change Management Process - Discovery Questionnaire

You need to have Break Down to Break Through.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROCESS - DISCOVERY QUESTIONNAIRE is a series of questions which when answered truthfully will decide the fate of your Organization. This template is handy to foresee and predict impact of change in your organization. With 3C - Cooperation, Collaboration and Communication in place, it ensures that customers, suppliers and other stakeholders understand and support the change.

Critical questions are asked to key stakeholders before initiating a Change Management Process. Questionnaire is designed in such a way that it gives clear picture about Why, When, Where, Who and How about Change. The broad categories into which the questionnaire is designed is as follows: -
• Laying strong foundation for a Change
• Identifying what needs to Change?
• Planning the Change
• Putting your energy in making Change happen.
• Embedding Change as part of culture
• Continuously monitoring change

Benefits of working through this template is many folds. As it covers various aspects of People, Process and Technology, it becomes even more relevant to use it as our day to day guide to identify, monitor, track changes. Use of Discovery Questionnaire will help in:-

 Increased Productivity
 Better Performance
 Happy Customers
 High Motivation
 Make your vision a reality
 Defining Change Road-map
 Change Strategy
 Quick Wins
 Managing Stakeholders
 People capabilities
 Training
 Strong Impact on
 Skills
 Mindset
 Systems
 Processes
 Capabilities

There is an editable power point slide which you can use in your change management projects.

This Best Practice includes
One Excel File, One Power point slide

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