• How to Create the Perfect SaaS Business
  • How to Create the Perfect SaaS Business
  • How to Create the Perfect SaaS Business
Originally published: 05/01/2018 15:20
Last version published: 02/03/2018 14:39
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How to Create the Perfect SaaS Business

Dan Martell shares 5 characteristics that he has noticed that the best SaaS businesses he has worked with all share.

Dan Martell has built his own SaaS business. He has also invested in 30+ others and supported thousands of entrepreneurs building their own.

This video will specifically help those who are struggling to know what their product roadmap should look like as they grow as a business. Dan Martell explains 5 characteristics that he has noted through experience that all of the best SaaS and software businesses have in common. So really, the 5 main elements behind the perfect software business.

To get a real understanding and handy tips along the way, you should watch the video, however here are the 5 characteristics summarized:

1. The product is central to business operation

2. Cost and value proposition is the easy part

3. The business will be able to finance its own growth

4. Your sales model is efficient

5. Market leadership

Length: 8 minutes 57 seconds

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