Originally published: 03/01/2018 14:45
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How to Make Your Business More Likeable

Adam Erhart explains a branding strategy you should adopt to make your company more likeable.

In this video, Adam Erhart explains the importance of showing the person behind the brand in modern day business. He explains how appearing too corporate is no longer seen as 'safe' and 'trusted' but rather 'outdated' and 'old.' Modern customers require personnalisation and customization, which is why it is increasingly important to let the guard down of the big 'corporate image,' and let your customers see the real person. Adam stresses that people do business with people, and so it is vital to remember this when dealing with clients or even other businesses. Adam believes that this is the way forward to making your business more likeable and gaining more loyalty from your customers.

Length: 2 minutes 44 seconds

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