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How to Become a Millionaire In Two Years Buying One House Per Month

Joe Crump outlines his strategy designed to make you a millionaire within two years through real estate.

This video discusses what sets successful franchizes apart from failed business, and how these differences can be implemented to improve your own real estate venture. Crump sets out a business model based on systemization, using McDonald's as a prime example of creating a successful business in this way. He then highlights the two kind of property that you should be buying in order to produce a profit and how to buy them on your terms.

The video sets out the key principals of the so called 'Millionaire Matrix', using example deals to clearly lay out how this process should be put into practice. This process is then broken down into a month chart to detail how your real estate business can build equity over a short period of time to yield profit year on year. This video represents a realistic model to turn your real estate venture into a million dollar enterprise. This simple, structured step-by-step process shows how you can become a millionaire based on your hard work and endeavour. This system is a risk free process based on cash out deals, allowing you to increase your cash flow without any uncertainties.

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