The Ivy Lee Method
Originally published: 24/07/2019 13:29
Publication number: ELQ-84602-1
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The Ivy Lee Method

This article explains how the Ivy Lee method could improve your productivity.

Productivity is not only about having the motivation to get your work done, but also about having an efficient work ethic.

Following the Ivy Lee method everyday will help you get into the routine of prioritising the most important tasks. The Ivy Lee method also emphasises the importance to focus all the attention on one task at a time in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

The article includes the following sections:

1. The Origin of the Method - outlining the history of the Ivy Lee method since 1918;
2. The Principle of the Method - giving a step-by-step guide on how to implement the method;
3. Advantages and Disadvantages - helping understand if the pros and cons of the method fulfil one's needs.

Finally, the article also provides more general tips on how to improve productivity at work.
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