The 1st time founders guide to Facebook Marketing
Originally published: 26/09/2019 07:42
Last version published: 16/01/2020 22:19
Publication number: ELQ-94946-3
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The 1st time founders guide to Facebook Marketing

Learn how the highest paid marketers and growth hackers use Facebook differently

Do you ever feel like some people have a secret recipe book for success when it comes to marketing on Facebook?

Does it seem like there is a small group of people who speak a secret language that you cannot find the key to?

How many blogs, vlogs and podcasts have you scoured in search of the Facebook Marketing secrets everyone else seems to know by heart?

The search is over. In this guide we will dive into more than fifteen easy ways you can make effortless changes to get the same results as top performing marketers.

What's the difference between this book and your other facebook marketing guide?
This one uses less marketing & tech jargon, so it is easier to understand for those who are not yet fluent in the local dialect spoken in the marTech world.

What's covered in this book?

What a social media algorithm is & how these three words can have a huge impact on your business,
How you can pull the engagement trigger,
What a pod is & how to join the right one,
How strategically timed commenting can help you to grow,
Relationship building on Facebook,
Quick Tricks to get more people to read more of your content,
& More

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