Interest Payments - Excel Model Template
Originally published: 17/06/2019 13:10
Last version published: 04/02/2020 15:01
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Interest Payments - Excel Model Template

This is an Interest Payments model Excel template

This is an Excel model template that enables you to create a plan of your company's interests throughout a period of time.

The WSO dictionary defines 'Interest Payments', or 'Interest Expense', as the amount of money that a company needs to pay in order to service its debt. Interest Payments are very closely related to interest rates and usually, this amount appears in the income statement under the interest expense.

This tool is extremely straightforward and user-friendly, you only need to insert your data (numbers and formulas) in order to auto-generate output numbers.

In the template you will also find different elements of a financial model, which are laid out in other tabs such as:
- the Cash Flow Statement (CFS);
- the Plant, Property and Equipment Schedule (PPE Schedule);
- the Debt Schedule;
- the Discounted Cash Flow Schedule (DCF Schedule);
- the Leveraged Buyout modelling (LBO modelling);
- the Internal Rate of Return calculation analysis (IRR calculation);
- the Weighed Average Cost of Capital calculation (WACC calculation).

Hope you find this tool useful!

Should you have any questions or comments on the tool please feel free to start a discussion in the space below or reach out to us via private message.

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