Excel based models for the Small Emerging Growth Company
Originally published: 19/06/2019 12:47
Last version published: 19/09/2019 08:20
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Excel based models for the Small Emerging Growth Company

Application of Excel models for the start-up company.

Examples of seven types of Excel models designed to increase awareness of possible Excel applications to assist the small emerging growth company transform data into actionable intelligent information.

The tool is mainly educational to raise the level of "how Excel can help you develop your start-up company". Screen shots are included for one possible application of each of the seven types of models. Some models are fairly basic and simple (Silo charts), whereas others (Over the Horizon Planning models) are much more involved and complex.

The models included in this presentation have all been designed to provide insight into the defined issue as well as providing a brief tutorial to increase awareness and to answer, or give some clues, into the "so what question".

There are huge opportunities to develop a much more educated and informed employee base through the application of simple Excel applications. Well designed Excel models can also result in a more efficient and productive organization as decisions can be made on well founded facts and not based on hopes or false assumptions.

However, please accept that the most effective Excel models are designed to solve, or provide insight into business issues and not merely to be a portrayal of slick Excel tricks.

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To increase awareness of the tremendous range of Excel based models in the small emerging market sector.

When data needs to be transformed into intelligence

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