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JSON Tutorial for Beginners: Learn How to Program

Simple video introduction to JavaScript Object Notation for beginners.

In this video, Adam gives a detailed overview of what JSON is and how it is used in conjunction with JavaScript. This video tool will teach you how to parse JSON data and create JSON objects in JavaScript operations.

Adam then begins the walk through, using an empty HTML web document as the basis. Adam simply demonstrates how you can input data into this HTML web document to create JSON objects. This will demonstrate how to input data of different types such as strings and number data. Adam shows how you can use and manipulate this inputted data, viewing it in a webpage document to simply demonstrate how each piece of data works. He also shows how you can use dot notation.

Adam walks through how you can manipulate and use each line of data in conjunction with one another. This will show you how the different lines of data in JavaScript can be connected. This will show you how you can go deep into the different object levels in JavaScript. Adam also demonstrates how you can render your input data into your browser to view your objects.

The next step in this video runs through a more complex JavaScript example. This example will introduce arrays, special variables which may hold more than one value. This video will explain how these arrays work and how these can be used within JSON objects. Adam demonstrates how these arrays in different lines can be used in conjunction with one another

Not only will this tutorial show you how to input data into JavaSript, it demonstrates how this data can be used and manipulated to your needs. This will give you an in depth understanding of how JavaScript works.

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