Sources and Uses of Funds during operation phase in a Project Finance Model
Originally published: 06/07/2021 12:06
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Sources and Uses of Funds during operation phase in a Project Finance Model

What is an operational Sources and Uses of Funds in a Project Finance Model and how to use it.

If you are interested to show the breakdown of the tariff or express how the project revenues are spent, then you can consider including a sources and uses of funds during operation in your project finance models.

In this guide and workbook:
- I explain in a step by step manner how to build a sources and uses of funds during operation.
- Breakdown of tariff using the sources and Uses.
- and you can also download the workbook shown in the video.

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Once you have a cash flow waterfall statement in your project finance model, then converting it to a sources and uses is easy. You just need to:
- Separate cash inflows and outflows
- Group Cash outflows into couple of main items, for example: Opex, Debt Service, tax and Equity.
-Then depending on what you want to reflect, you can express it on a per unit basis of the project’s output or as a percentage of revenues.

You can use this statement when you are negotiating the tariff by showing the different components of tariff.

Also watch my YouTube video on the same topic where I walk you through the workbook.

This Best Practice includes
1 PDF manual and 1 Excel template

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Further information

- Why to include a sources and uses of funds during operation
- How to build it

- Use it as an example to build sources and uses in your own project finance models
- Use it for educational purpose


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