SWOT & PESTLE Analysis Bundle
Originally published: 08/07/2021 00:27
Publication number: ELQ-24791-1
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SWOT & PESTLE Analysis Bundle

The easiest way to create stunning SWOT and PESTLE Analysis dashboards in minutes.

The SWOT Analysis is a comprehensive dashboard so you'll always know where you stand in relation to your competitors with careful analysis of your internal Strengths and Weaknesses and external Opportunities and Threats.

A PESTLE Analysis, also known as PEST or PESTEL analysis, dramatically expands on the SWOT Analysis. This strategic management tool helps you identify and quantify opportunities and threats across a spectrum of factors.

As not all factors are equal, the dashboard provides a unique scoring system allowing you to assign the severity and probability of each factor. This provides a weighted value showing the relative significance of each factor.
This gives you a single indicator to determine how much attention and control should pay to each factor.

There’s one page for each of your Strengths and Weaknesses across a spectrum of six attributes (Politics, Economics, Society, Technology, Legal and Environment) and an executive dashboard which brings it all together.

This package bundles the SWOT Analysis Genius template and the PESTLE Analysis Genius template.
Save 30% compared against buying the two templates individually.

● Revealing Charts & Tables
*) Translucent radar charts allow you to visually compare competing opportunities and threats across multiple factors
*) The SWOT Dashboard scores each strength, weakness, opportunity and threat against your competitors with unique Traffic Light score.
*) The PESTLE Dashboard reports each strength and weakness across a spectrum of 6 factors with a unique 'relative' scoring system.

● Hassle Free Data Entry
*) Quickly enter your SWOT and PESTLE metrics
*) Charts and tables analytics are updated automatically.

● Know Where You Stand
*) A comprehensive dashboard so you'll always know where you stand against your competitors.
*) Instantly know your strongest advantage and greatest weakness and which ones to focus your attention on.

● What's Included?
1) 1 SWOT Analysis template + 1 PESTLE Analysis Excel templates you can customize and use again & again
2) 2 completed example workbooks you can copy
3) 2 PDF and online User Guides (1 for each template)

● What do I need to use the SWOT & PESTLE Analysis Bundle?
1) You receive 2 Microsoft Excel templates
2) Works with Microsoft Excel for Windows (2010 and higher) and Excel for Mac (2016 and higher)

This Best Practice includes
2 Microsoft Excel templates, 2 Microsoft Excel example workbooks, 2 PDF User Guides.

Acquire business license for $35.00

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These Excel templates allow you to quickly produce professional SWOT and PESTLE analysis for your business or product.

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