Investor Pitch Deck for Startups
Originally published: 11/04/2017 12:19
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Investor Pitch Deck for Startups

Here’s the winning formula designed to raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

When you come across about 50 pitch decks a week in a span of 14 years, you see a lot of repeated mistakes. But when these decks are fixed, many become successes.

People usually ask me “What should be the most suitable number of slides?” or they stick to a sample template that does not fit in with their needs.

Ultimately, the question is, is there a “right” way of doing a pitch deck?- But if everyone uses the same layout, won’t they all look the same? The answer is a repeated no!

It’s just how buildings are built around the same idea, but each building holds its unique features. However, without its proper structure, the building can collapse. This applies equally to your pitch!

This is an instantly downloadable Pitch Deck PowerPoint built to an expert level in order to best serve your business's search for investment.

The PPT file is attached in this tool, so you may customize it to your organization.

Hope this was helpful.

Contact me through the discussion feed if you have any further questions or need any more support. Equally, you can private message me directly through my author channel.

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-Donna Griffit

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Further information

It is all about the story.

It’s got an elusive structure that stems from the structure of a story.

Though people are often confused by depicting pitch decks with the term “Story”. They associate stories with telling anecdotes, inserting meaningless jokes or “dumbing down” serious materials to the level of stupid or silly. But this is all on the contrary.

• Stories are thousands of years old, and they are the reason information has survived through generations.

• We learn with stories. My 3 year old girl goes from chewing on a book to actively discussing key elements of the story with zeal, even though she’s read it a great amount of times. On her own, she’s become a storyteller.

• Stories inspire, captivate, resonate and influence individuals- isn’t this the aim for your pitch?

• And most importantly, our brains are hardwired to having structured stories. Look at Shakespeare, Chekhov or Moliere- all of them take the same course.

The course should be:
Problem-Solution-What happens when the solution is executed- The aftermath

Your investor pitch is a story and the entrepreneurs are the players.

Each slide corresponds to the story format.

The Need=The problem, the “villain” of the story
The Solution = The “hero” of the story, what will solve the problem and destroy the villain?
The Business Plan — What will happen after the hero takes control?
Moving Forward — The aftermath (Assuming the hero achieves what it aimed for)

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