Originally published: 02/03/2018 13:30
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Time Management Tips For UX/UI Designers

Time management is very important for UX designers working on team projects. This video provides tips on managing time!

Time management is a soft skill that many people don't understand. They don't understand how pivotal it can be depending on the organisation you work with. So, the bigger the organisation you work with, they could definitely be running and generally getting paid based on the time they've spent on the project they work on. So if you work with a project manager, and a project manager asks you, "How long will it take you to get those wire frames done?" and you tell that project manager "That'll take me half a day," that project manager might go back to the stakeholders and say "Okay, I'll deliver that to you in a day, or a day and a half." If you don't manage your time effectively, and get it done in half a day, although that project manager may have put a bit of padding in, you are putting that project manager under pressure. If you work with a project manager who doesn't put that padding in- who uses your word as gospel- and if you don't manage your time effectively, not only does it make your project manager look bad, you look bad to your project manager your team looks bad to the stakeholders, and then more time will have to be added because of something you said.

Find out how to avoid these issues by watching the video and listening to Laith's tips.

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