Manufacturing project model
Originally published: 15/07/2020 09:30
Publication number: ELQ-51330-1
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Manufacturing project model

Comprehensive learning tool for those interested in project modelling

Sincerely, while building this model I didn't have any industry in mind. I just had the intention of building a model that is very comprehensive and can serve as a great learning tool for anyone wanting to learn project modeling. It was after building the entire model with a fixed revenue and expense that I decided to make it a MANUFACTURING PROJECT MODEL with simple assumptions such as standard cost of production, product demand per year, product price, and fixed expense incurred.

Model contains sheets for:

- Income statement
- Balance sheet
- Cashflow waterfall
- Depreciation
- Capital structure
- Development
- Equity
- Debt
- Project summary

This Best Practice includes
1 excel sheet

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Project modelling learning tool

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