14 KPIs to know in order to evaluate a project's progress
Originally published: 17/05/2020 21:28
Publication number: ELQ-72397-1
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14 KPIs to know in order to evaluate a project's progress

This Best practice sums up 14 KPIs to know in order to evaluate project's progress

This Best Practice provides 14 KPIs you should know in order to evaluate your project's progress. KPI's measure a company's performance and progress of a business against it's key objectives. In this BP you can find some top tips on how to go about managing your company's performance. Firstly, you will be provided with a relatable analogy comparing taking control of a project to driving a car. Then a breakdown of what you should know about KPI's including reminders of the key indicators involved. The 4 categories of KPI's have then been summarised, these include cost indicators, deadline indicators, quality indicators and lastly, efficiency and progression indicators.

The next step in this BP is going into further detail describing the 14 KPIs you should use to manage the your project progression under the titles of the 4 categories previously mentioned. The 14 KPI's provided are not the only relevant KPI's available however this Best Practice provides a starting point for those looking to track their projects and overall performance more closely. To simplify your KPI method, using a project management software can be very helpful for creating KPI's in real time. Start by reading this best practice and soon you'll have a more precise vision on your project's progression useful for performance evaluation.

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