Key Financial Metrics Report Excel Model
Originally published: 09/07/2018 12:57
Last version published: 11/03/2021 15:30
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Key Financial Metrics Report Excel Model

The workbook compares a range of metrics by region. It is simple to update and presents data clear concise way.

The file looks at a range of financial metrics, compares actual to plan to prior year and works out variances. It has a trending chart for each of the areas which looks at 24 months of data. The report uses option buttons to compare each geographic region however this could be easily changed to spin the model by department or product or operational area. Additionally the report considers training trends, ROI, risks and operational projects. There is an acute focus on revenue and expense by department and the model incorporates some innovative charting solutions in the final output.

The file has a number of training metrics which compare training actual v plan, for training events, average wait times for training and staff trained by group. As such it allows management to monitor the overall performance and see the granular details behind the training events. Equally these metrics could be changed to suit.

Users will gain the maximum benefit from this file if they are already competent spreadsheets users. The file is designed for people who use Excel on a regular basis, and are comfortable with using its tools and functions. Incorporation of new data should be plug and play considering the calculations you wish incorporated.

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Further information

The file acts as a comparative report for business to analyse how things are tracking when comparing actual to plan to prior year.

When reporting a range of metrics actual v plan across a range of disciplines. The report is quite simple to update and presents data in a clear concise way.

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