Series A Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement Template - NVCA Model
Originally published: 26/10/2017 12:59
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Series A Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement Template - NVCA Model

Build your own Stock Purchase Agreement for your deal with this sample document built by the NVCA.

The Stock Purchase Agreement sets forth the basic terms of the purchase and sale of the preferred stock to the investors (such as the purchase price, closing date, conditions to closing) and identifies the other financing documents.

Generally this agreement does not set forth either (1) the characteristics of the stock being sold (which are defined in the Certificate of Incorporation) or (2) the relationship among the parties after the closing, such as registration rights, rights of first refusal and co-sale, voting arrangements (these matters often implicate other persons than just the Company and the investors in this round of financing, and are usually embodied in separate agreements to which those others persons are parties, or in some cases by the Certificate of Incorporation).

The main items of negotiation in the Stock Purchase Agreement are therefore the price and number of shares being sold, and the representations and warranties that the Company, and sometimes the Founders as well, must make to the investors.

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