Due Diligence Excel Checklist
Originally published: 28/11/2017 15:01
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Due Diligence Excel Checklist

Checklist helping you to be prepared for an upcoming due diligence process.

Due diligence is the name given to the investigation of a company's or person's information. It can be carried out for either voluntary or legal reasons. Voluntarily, an employer may wish to carry out a background check on a new member of staff. Legally, it may be a requirement in the case of a corporate takeover bid. In this case, a company who wants to acquire will carry out an evaluation on the target company and its assets before it makes an offer.

When you're selling a business it can be very stressful. There are tight deadlines to be met and ongoing requests for specific documentation. If the seller is in any way disorganized, it can result in drawn-out delays, which can potentially cause buyers to get distracted or lose trust in the deal.

To be organized and prepared for due diligence is paramount. A comprehensive due diligence template will help you to ensure that you have all the correct documents at hand when you're asked for them. Don't waste precious time trying to put together your own checklist- use this one!

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