Digital Consumer lending in India
Originally published: 19/10/2021 09:52
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Digital Consumer lending in India

Digital Consumer Lending Powerpoint for India

In this Info Deck, we will talk about various aspects of Digital consumer lending space in India. We will cover its challenges and growth opportunity. At the same time talk about the various business models been applied. We have covered a lot of companies, like Zest. This info deck is broken down into total 7 sections:
1. Consumer Lending in India
2. Digital Consumer Lending
3. Digital Lending: How and for Whom?
4. Challenges for Digital Lenders
5. Risk Management
6. Fraud Preventions & Collections Play
7. The way Ahead
Consumer credit excluding agriculture is INR 13.9 trillion, or 17.63% of total bank credit, and is growing rapidly at 15.8% per year. Within the retail segment, the top three products were credit cards, housing loans and personal loans.
Top 8 cities has 35% , followed by 14% from the next 20 cities. Top 50 cities has 56% demand (FY19E)
Added-value lending is a convergence trend, which means that we stop regarding lending as a product and start thinking of it as an ongoing service
‘Credit line’ is often a clear winner among borrowers with one time approval and seamless subsequent drawls
Success in lending = (LOW) cost of Acquisition, Fund & Operation and Delinquency

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