Basic Simulator in Excel - Piston Engine
Originally published: 18/02/2019 12:00
Publication number: ELQ-96433-1
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Basic Simulator in Excel - Piston Engine

This is the most basic simulator model of a piston engine built on Excel VBA Framework.

This is my first attempt to develop a Simulator within an excel using VBA. Here you can notice I have tried to customize the parameters of the internal combustion piston engine. Only two parameters as of now.

1. Moving Forward Reverse
2. Increase or Decrease the Speed

But the most important question is why in Excel only?


Excel is cheap and ubiquitous, everyone has it.
Excel is a good environment to do complex programming
As opposed to regular programming languages, Excel is a two-dimensional programming canvas
Excel has decent built-in graphics (I like using 2D scatter plots)
Excel is a matrix calculator and it’s wickedly fast
Excel has decent GUI capabilities within the program itself
Programming in Excel gives you more understanding of physical processes than “black box” type programs such as Matlab, Simulink, Octave since in Excel you build everything from basic formulas

The Idea and courage to develop these models in excel I received from Mr. George Lungu a founder of

This Best Practice includes
1 Excel based Simulator Model

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Further information

Spread the potentiality of Excel as an engineering tool.

Quick development of the model to test the workability and other parameters of the formula over a model.

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