Simple Buy to Let Property Excel Model Template
Originally published: 10/02/2019 15:48
Last version published: 28/01/2020 09:11
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Simple Buy to Let Property Excel Model Template

A simple Buy to Let (BTL) Property Model with simple assumptions, calculations and valuation.

This simple 1-sheet model is ideal to quickly calculate the rental yields (Gross or Net) , Payback period, Net Present Value and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of a Buy to Let property investment based on certain assumptions.

You can control the inputs such as the selling Price of the property, Loan to Value ratio, Mortgage and advisor fees, Stump duty/tax, Costs/Expenses, Interest Rates and mortgage duration, selling price, discount rates, tax rate, Forecasted rent, maintenance costs, annual growth in rent amounts. Occupancy rate, Letting fees.

The model also includes sensitivity analysis to check how the NPV changes when certain inputs change which ideal to perform a stress test on your assumptions. We check the sensitivity of Net Present Value (NPV) to inputs such as Sale Price, Interest rates on mortgage, annual rent growth (increases and decreases) and the discount rate.

Please note that this model is not ideal for input in the decision making process and it doesn't incorporate detailed analysis. A very comprehensive model (available on request) should be used instead for detailed calculations and precice valuation.

Only cost (not interest) are included in the after tax cashflow. Interest is not considered cash deductable. The tax regime differs from one country to the other so please contact us if you need a model for any specific country.

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Further information

Get a quick look of valuation and yields based on the publicly available pricing info of a Buy to Let Property.

Ideal for a quick check of rental yields and sensitivities

Not ideal for decision making and detailed analysis. A very comprehensive model (available on request) should be used instead for detailed calculations.


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  • thomas shelby(last updated: 13/11/2019 11:42)
    Great but missing one thing
    It would be 5 star review if the model incorporated an option for an interest only loan with final redemption in x number of years.
  • Arief Ayumi(last updated: 27/10/2019 10:08)
  • sanjay patidar(last updated: 21/09/2019 17:10)
  • Protasius Ayung(last updated: 29/07/2019 06:16)

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