Amortization Schedule - Excel Model Template
Originally published: 24/06/2019 15:11
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Amortization Schedule - Excel Model Template

This is WSO's free Amortization Schedule template for calculating debt repayments and loan amortization

This is Wall Street Oasis’ free Amortization Schedule model. Download this plug-and-play template to produce your own schedule for amortizing items on a financial model (you can enter your own numbers or formulas to auto-populate output numbers). The template also includes other tabs for other components of a financial model.

Amortization is paying off a debt owed by making planned, incremental payments of principal and interest over a determined duration. Some of each payment will go toward the loan principal, and some will go toward interest. Amortization can also refer to the spreading out of a company’s capital expenses for intangible assets over a specific period of time – usually over the asset's useful life – for accounting and tax purposes.

Amortization is a simple accounting technique for evenly spreading costs out over a set time-period. By allowing businesses to expense items in the periods they are used, amortization will give the company a much clearer idea of their performance. You can use this tool to simply calculate and schedule debt repayments and loan amortization for your own business. Using this tool is very useful in tracking debt repayments of a company.

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