Hotel and Portfolio of Hotels/Resorts Valuation System - 20-years
Originally published: 18/03/2022 09:15
Publication number: ELQ-36246-1
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Hotel and Portfolio of Hotels/Resorts Valuation System - 20-years

This Hotel and Portfolio of Hotels/Resorts Valuation System allows for 20 Valuations simultaneously each having its own 20-year Three Statement Analysis

This 20-year Hotel Valuation Model and Portfolio of 20 Hotels comes with 20 years three statement analysis on each hotel/resort. The aggregate is measured against each hotel individually making it easy to gauge performance. If you are wanting to purchase a hotel or explore the possibility of acquiring a portfolio of resorts/hotels, then this model will be a great asset because you only need 10 x input fields on each hotel valuation. Based on your inputs the model will calculate the re-valuation of the resort each year as well as the CGT consequences should you exit. Automatically the model will calculate NPV, IRR and MIRR on each Hotel value. There is a dashboard summarising all the pertinent information. Cash Flow Statements, Income Statements and Balance Sheets on each Hote/Resort provides you with excellent data for gearing purposes. You are easily able to assess the maximum gearing possibilities as well as the effects of your financial returns generated. Whilst the model is extremely easy to follow, the main aspects are very well covered. you are able to easily measure the prospects of gearing up against the continued re-valuation account which is based on your appropriate PE Ratio chosen. Investment returns are affected by the amount of gearing that you make use of, and this Model is a simple case of adjusting the amount you require. The aggregated sheet automatically compares each hotel individually against the portfolio average.

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The objective of this hotel/resort valuation model is to quickly identify which hotels may suit your portfolio, the hotels which are underperforming, and the amount of gearing possible on each hotel. Furthermore, an investor may be faced with a number of opportunities and he/she will need to model to quickly analyse and compare values and returns.

This model is an excellent tool to quickly ascertain the cash flows, revaluation accounts, CGT effects all in one. Great for a single hotel proposition as well as for multi-propositions because it quickly compares each hotel to the portfolio average.

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