How to Track The Progress Of Business Experiments

Weekly reporting plan to help your team focus on acting and progressing post-experimentation.

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The ultimate goal of business experiments is to learn, act, and make progress towards turning an idea into a real business. You achieve that by connecting the data from these experiments back to your initial hypothesis and the bigger picture.

In our Strategyzer Innovation Sprints, we’ve been experimenting with a reporting structure to help teams boost insights and track their progress in the process of testing business ideas.

We came up with a new weekly reporting structure because teams often get lost in the details of testing and failed to systematically focus on learning and progress. The new reporting gets teams to focus on the following elements:  

  • Step n°1 |


    Which hypotheses did the team set out to test??

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  • Step n°2 |


    How did we test the hypothesis in question?

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