Private Equity (PE) Resume CV Template
Originally published: 13/06/2019 09:54
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Private Equity (PE) Resume CV Template

This is Wall Street Oasis’ template for a Private Equity (PE) Resume for experienced hires.

This is Wall Street Oasis’ template for a Private Equity (PE) Resume for experienced hires.

This is a free sample resume that you can use if you have deal or project experience coming from Investment Banking or Management Consulting and are looking to ensure your private equity CV is polished when looking for competitive jobs in private equity and hedge funds. For private equity, deal experience is a very important aspect. You should highlight this deal experience in your resume (if you have experience).

Typically, format hugely important to people during private equity. Luckily, you've found yourself on this page. The 1-page template has a clean format and should give you an edge in recruiting. We recommend you keep the bullet font at 10 and replace the bullets with content of a similar size, you can change it to 11 if you need to fill more space with less content but don’t lower the font to 9 - the resume will become too cluttered without enough white space.

This banking resume sample is designed for experienced hires, not undergraduate students. You should also not take these bullets since they just being used as examples and are not the strongest.

Just fill in the blanks!

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