Public To Private LBO - Excel Model Template
Originally published: 26/06/2019 14:51
Publication number: ELQ-10068-1
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Public To Private LBO - Excel Model Template

This is an excel spreadsheet including 3 financial statements

This Excel template is a functional tool to help generate financial forecasts and models that itemise the position of the company.

The spreadsheet includes three financial statements which allow you to input values and generate your company’s public to private LBO model. The outputs will state the financial position of the company and will allow for analysis and forecasting.

This template has been developed by Sid Ghosh and published by Wall Street Oasis.

Three statement types:

Income Statement which itemises net revenue, multiple EBIT and EBIDTA areas and net income

Balance Sheet which Includes current and non-current assets, current and non-current liabilities as well as share holder equity.

Statement of cashflows which separates cashflows from operations, debt servicing and finishes with an ending cash balance.

The model has been developed to assist you to plan/analyse your public to private LBO in an easy to use and understand way.
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