Management Data Entry
Originally published: 12/08/2019 21:23
Last version published: 01/10/2019 20:45
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Management Data Entry

Excel Data Entry User Form made with Visual Basic.

Excel Data Entry User Form made with Visual Basic.
Excel file includes:
- A table as "database"
- A user form that will be shown automatically after Excel open or by clicking the button that is shown in the first row of the table
- The user form includes:
- Buttons (Add, Update, Search, Reset, Delete and Exit)
- TextBoxes that will help to put the data
- ListBox that will show the added data from the table

The purpose of this file is, the user not to use the table directly but to use the user form to add the data, with the user form will be much better to search the data, to see them visually, to delete and update them.

I created this tool to track the project milestones on automotive industry, and later to be able to search the data and see them visually much better.


I am available by your request to modify the table and the user form, means, to delete columns, to delete textboxes, the search button I needed to search for data from 2 textboxes, this can be done just by 1 textbox. The excel file can be modified by your needs.

The video is uploaded, shows how the file/app works.

This Best Practice includes
MS Excel

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