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Author Case Study: Someka

Discover Eloquens author Someka, and how Eloquens has proven useful to them.

Someka's author channel on Eloquens.com is helping hundreds of business professionals around the world from reinventing the wheel.

Someka is a reputable publisher on Eloquens. Founder Onur Yilmaz is, for example, a winner of the Turkish Excel Championships, organised by Microsoft. They have also picked up the 'Excel Expert Award' from Spreadsheeto, amongst others things.

On Eloquens, Someka share a number of high-quality, valuable tools ranging from Finance KPI Dashboards to World Heat Map Generators to Excel Invoice Templates.

To quote Someka, " Our Eloquens Author Channel and participation in the Marketplace has a great potential for our business. Eloquens leads you through the whole process to provide you with an easy-to-follow sales channel. Everything was straightforward and well-organized. Thank you Eloquens Team!"

By being an author on Eloquens.com and sharing their work, Someka are benefitting from a range of things:

- Firstly, they have a Centralised Author Channel, enabling them to share excel files and video tutorials

- Secondly, they are able to generate an Additional Revenue Stream from their best work

- And lastly, they benefit from receiving feedback, comments, and communications from their users.

If you'd like to join Someka in benefiting from what Eloquens has to offer by opening an author channel, simply go on to Eloquens.com, and click on publish a tool.

There is a simple step-by-step process, and you'll have your first model published onto the marketplace in no time at all!

We look forward to seeing you on Eloquens soon, happy publishing!

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